Chris is a Midwesterner who migrated to Oregon in 1992. She is delighted to have landed in Moscow in 2013 and loves working at Elements of Wellness! Chris brings a lifelong interest in health and fitness which led her to complete a B.S. in Exercise Science, a four year study of the Feldenkrais Movement Method, and massage school in Eugene, Oregon.

Chris has over twenty years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist working with a wide variety of clients including people in hospice care, disabled adults, chiropractic patients, athletes and young children. She enjoys being in the moment while practicing massage to meet each of her client's unique needs of each session.

Outside of work you can find Chris teaching movement classes at Aloft Yoga and Nia, singing with the Palouse Chorale Society, taking yoga classes, bicycling, swimming, and race walking the 12K Bloomsday race every spring. Chris has a husband, Matt, who is a hockey player with a day job, and they have one cat, Ivan.